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Blog Post 1st Quarter Vacancy Update!

1st Quarter Vacancy Update!

The SW Idaho Chapter of NARPM just released their 1st quarter vacancy report. It shows that vacancy overall is up from 3% to 3.4%. This is pretty typical for this time of year. The activity for rentals has definitely picked up in the last few months. The market is heating for sin...
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Blog Post Boise Rents Support High Prices

Boise Rents Support High Prices

Monthly, I calculate some key performance indicators to get an idea of where the market is trending within Ada County (Boise area).   In my opinion, the market remains strong with no flags of trouble. Pricing:On average, we're seeing 4 plexes sale at about $140,000 per d...
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Blog Post FRPMs Operations Manager Receiving Residential Property Manager Certification!

FRPMs Operations Manager Receiving Residential Property Manager Certification!

FRPMs very own Operations Manager, Jim Sharone, received his Residential Property Manager (RMP®) Certification awarded to him by the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®), Southwest Idaho chapter! We are proud to have such an experienced, professi...
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Blog Post First Rate Metric Update

First Rate Metric Update

We wanted to take a moment to update you on some metrics that First Rate tracks to help keep you updated on the market and any new trends that are headed our way. With the first quarter completed for 2019, things are looking great!Vacancy – 1.85%- It happens to be...
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Blog Post Virtual Tours with 360 Cameras

Virtual Tours with 360 Cameras

We recently made an investment to improve our marketing for upcoming rental units. While this will supplement our current marketing plan, we feel that this new technology will add a great deal of value to our prospective tenants and property owners, while injecting a little fun!P...
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Blog Post Your Gift Horse Has Been Delivered!

Your Gift Horse Has Been Delivered!

On 3/22/19 the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee, which sets short-term interest rates, declined to raise rates.  Further, it appears the Fed’s current disposition is to not raise rates in the near-term.   NYT 3/20/19:Forecasts released at the end of the two-d...
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Blog Post The Value of Employee Development

The Value of Employee Development

As a successful property management company not only in the Boise area but among many property managers in the nation, First Rate Property Management understands the importance of continuous improvement. In fact, our company's vision statement is, "Maintain recognition a...
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Blog Post Blog and Vacancy Update!!

Blog and Vacancy Update!!

New Blog:   We have moved our blog to a new site. Please click the link below to subscribe to our new blog. This link will take you to our new site and you will see the subscribe box on the right hand side of the page. Just type in your e-mail and hit subscribe. It will...
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Blog Post Metric Trends

Metric Trends

We continue to see Ada County 4 plex values increasing at a steady rate.  The good news is that rents have been increasing as well.  According to the financial information on the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service and financials provided by listing agents, February&...
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Blog Post Set and Stagger Leases

Set and Stagger Leases

Over the years we at FRPM have consistently preached the importance of scheduling lease termination dates. We'd like to touch on this for only a moment, but then also discuss the importance of also staggering lease termination dates.Its our experience and recommendation not t...
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