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Why Owners of Vacation Homes Should Go with a Professional Property Manager

Why Owners of Vacation Homes Should Go with a Professional Property Manager

A vacation rental property in Boise can be a great source of income - but do you have the time to manage one? If you're already juggling other properties and jobs, listing a property for rent by owner can be a tricky path. A property manager could be the solution to your problems.

Read on to learn why you should go with a professional property manager instead!

Save Time

One of the biggest reasons to hire a property manager is to get back hours of your time each week. You won't need to devote nights and weekends to maintaining your property, filling vacancies, or dealing with advertisements.

If you live far away from your vacation home, it's particularly challenging to manage maintenance issues. A local property manager can ensure your home's exterior and landscaping look good while tending to HVAC or plumbing issues.

For Rent By Owner Properties Can Be Less Appealing

Guests expect the best when they spend money to rent a vacation home. A property management company projects a higher level of professionalism that may make potential guests more likely to rent your home.

Guests may be wary of renting from owners who aren't nearby. And they may have had bad previous experiences that taint their impressions. Instead, with a property management team, they'll be confident they always will have a prompt point of contact.

Make Sure Guests Are Happy

Happy guests are more likely to be repeat guests. To earn more business, you'll need to offer a visually striking space coupled with strong customer service.

Doing all these tasks takes energy and a specific skill set. When you have a lot on your plate, you might not always make these aspects of renting your property a priority.

You're better off outsourcing this work to a property manager. A property manager will bring warmth, punctuality, and excitement while communicating with tenants. They'll also have cleaning checklists so your property looks fresh after every stay.

Get a Better Approach to Marketing

Finding time to market your property is essential if you're planning to rent it for additional income. You'll need to capture strong photographs highlighting its best features and write compelling prose that can sell it. Then you'll need to post all of this content on platforms and follow up with inquiries.

All of this takes time and persistence. Let a property management team do it for you. They'll know the best tricks to boost your listing above the competition.

A good property management team also will do rental analysis to help you determine the best prices during peak rental season. That way, you can maximize your rental income potential.

Find the Best Property Management Team

Making your property for rent by owner can eat up a lot of your time. When you're already busy, you don't have time to go the extra mile with communication and fresh accommodations for guests. You're better off hiring a property manager to take the helm on your behalf.

At First Rate Property Management, we bring 30 years of experience to the property management business in the Boise area. We will work with you to take care of your property and its tenants. Contact us today to learn more!


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