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Blog Post Property Management: Organized Chaos

Property Management: Organized Chaos

               Among the exponential growth in population in Boise, ID includes increased rental rates to assist clients in capitalizing on their investments. Unfortunately, Boise natives’ wages are falling behind these rental rates t...
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Blog Post Mid-Year Housing Summit Summary

Mid-Year Housing Summit Summary

Earlier this month, Tony attended the Boise Regional Realtor’s Ada County Housing Summit. Within this blog, we wanted to focus on the mid year housing market report. Some of the other speakers spoke on topics such as, revitalizing community neighborhoods, affordable housing...
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Blog Post NARPM 2nd Quarter Vacancy Survey

NARPM 2nd Quarter Vacancy Survey

The SW Idaho Chapter of Narpm just released its 2nd quarter vacancy survey.  The results are pretty typical for this time of year.  The vacancy overall went up a little but that is because this is the time of year where the rental activity is the highest.  Good new...
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Blog Post The 10% Rule

The 10% Rule

Over the past weeks we have shared a summary of Tony’s presentation to the AVID Investors Club which is lead by Stacy McBain with Swope Investment Properties.  In that presentation Tony encouraged investors to get involved in some aspects of the management of their inv...
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Blog Post Part 3 - How to Manager Your Manager

Part 3 - How to Manager Your Manager

Thank you all for your great feedback on this series of posts summarizing Tony's presentation with the AVID Investors Club in June. In Part 1, Tony discussed the importance of selecting the right property manager and ancillary services. Part 2 described some of the ...
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Blog Post Part 2- How to manage your manager

Part 2- How to manage your manager

Earlier this week, we posted Part 1 of 3 of How to Manager Your Manager.  In part two, Tony explains further how he assumes the role as the asset manager and the areas he concentrates his efforts as part of the team managing his investment properties. Tony explained to the A...
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Blog Post How to Manage your Manager Part 1 of 3

How to Manage your Manager Part 1 of 3

Earlier this week, Tony Drost spoke to the AVID Investors Club on How to Manage Your Manager.  Since Tony owns First Rate Property Management and FRPM manages all of his rentals, the attendees were expecting Tony to state "If you need to manage your manger, maybe you ne...
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Blog Post Got A Minute To Consider Interest Rates?????

Got A Minute To Consider Interest Rates?????

Below is a brief article from Jack Harty on interest rates.  On 5-22-19 the Fed released minutes from its most recent meeting that concluded on May 1 with no increase in short-term interest rate. The Fed minutes suggest it will take a “patient approach” in deter...
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Blog Post Beware of Rental Scams

Beware of Rental Scams

Now that summer is here and the rental activity has increased, so has the amount of rental scams posted on craigslist.   We can’t stress enough how important it is for a renter to do their research when looking and applying for a property.  Below are some guidelin...
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Blog Post Pros and Cons of Airbnb

Pros and Cons of Airbnb

Recently the Idaho Statesman published an article, How Airbnb hurts Boise's affordable housing:  'It has driven up rental prices', which spiked some interest from our rental property owners.  The gist is that much of the affordable housing is being conv...
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