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Parking Enforcement - The Good, The Bad, and The Boot

Blog Post Parking Enforcement - The Good, The Bad, and The Boot
One of the most important amenities to many tenants is adequate parking at the apartment complex they are renting from. Many value having their parking lot enforced to keep unwanted visitors from parking in their spot. Hiring a vendor for this enforcement can help alleviate ...
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Corvettes and Rents

Blog Post Corvettes and Rents
Corvettes and Rents:What in the world would the cost of a new Corvette have in common with Boise rents? Please bear with me with my comparison. In Boise, you can buy a 2019 Corvette ZR1 for $135,895. It would be incorrect to say, that cars in Boise cost $135K. It would be wrong t...
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Update on Vacancy

Blog Post Update on Vacancy
The U.S. Census Bureau announced the following residential vacancy statistics for the third quarter of 2018.The National vacancy rates for the third quarter were 7.1% for rental housing.As a general rule, 5%-8% vacancy is a good average although the city you are located in and re...
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