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The Value of Employee Development

Blog Post The Value of Employee Development
As a successful property management company not only in the Boise area but among many property managers in the nation, First Rate Property Management understands the importance of continuous improvement. In fact, our company's vision statement is, "Maintain recognition a...
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Blog and Vacancy Update!!

Blog Post Blog and Vacancy Update!!
New Blog:   We have moved our blog to a new site. Please click the link below to subscribe to our new blog. This link will take you to our new site and you will see the subscribe box on the right hand side of the page. Just type in your e-mail and hit subscribe. It will...
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Metric Trends

Blog Post Metric Trends
We continue to see Ada County 4 plex values increasing at a steady rate.  The good news is that rents have been increasing as well.  According to the financial information on the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service and financials provided by listing agents, February&...
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Set and Stagger Leases

Blog Post Set and Stagger Leases
Over the years we at FRPM have consistently preached the importance of scheduling lease termination dates. We'd like to touch on this for only a moment, but then also discuss the importance of also staggering lease termination dates.Its our experience and recommendation not t...
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Search Engine Optimization and How it Impacts Your Property Management Company

Blog Post Search Engine Optimization and How it Impacts Your Property Management Company
As technology continues to grow at an exponential and unprecedented rate businesses across the globe are thrown into unchartered territory attempting to navigate the implications and effects this growth will have on their business, brand, and reputation.The platforms in which pr...
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Finding Value Despite Shrinking Margins

Blog Post Finding Value Despite Shrinking Margins
Originally posted 3/5/2018Swope Investment Properties regularly sends out a newsletter that includes good articles and listing information.  In the most recent article, realtor Eric Uhlenhoff shared his perspective to rising prices.  Finding Value Despite Shrinking Marg...
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Investor Newsletter

Blog Post Investor Newsletter
Swope Investment Properties publishes a newsletter like this one This quarter’s newsletter discusses property inspections, maintenance tips, hazard insurance, supporting a local charity, and provides some listing information.  Please contact Shane Brown at brown.s...
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What Do Rising Mortgage Rates Mean?

Blog Post What Do Rising Mortgage Rates Mean?
Originally posted 2018Mortgage rates are on the rise and experts are expecting them to continue to rise! So what does that mean for our investors? Buying and Selling:Single Family and Multi-family sale prices should continue to rise. When mortgage rates increase, the housing...
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Corvettes and Rents

Blog Post Corvettes and Rents
Corvettes and Rents:What in the world would the cost of a new Corvette have in common with Boise rents? Please bear with me with my comparison. In Boise, you can buy a 2019 Corvette ZR1 for $135,895. It would be incorrect to say, that cars in Boise cost $135K. It would be wrong t...
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Economy by the Numbers

Blog Post Economy by the Numbers
The following post is from Jack Harty, a commercial lender with Harty Mortgage Advisors. Various observers of the economy see threats to the economy coming from opposite directions for two different and contradictory reasons.  Some think the economy is weakening; others thin...
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