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3rd Quarter NAPRM Vacancy Results

Blog Post 3rd Quarter NAPRM Vacancy Results
The 3rd quarter NARPM survey results are out.  Overall things still look good for this time of year.  You will notice that the vacancy for single family homes is up right now.  FRPM has found over the last month that single family home rentals are slower to get ren...
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2nd Quarter SW Idaho NARPM Vacancy Trends

Blog Post 2nd Quarter SW Idaho NARPM Vacancy Trends
   The National Association of Residential Property Managers published a recent survey conducted by the SW Idaho chapter of NARPM during the month of June 2018. The survey took 7,091 total homes into account. These multi-family and single-family homes are spread across ...
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Ada County Vacancy Trends

Blog Post Ada County Vacancy Trends
Boise's rental market is undeniably booming. This growth has been the case for several years now and is expected to maintain its strength for months to come. Boise’s rental demand is contrary to the trends in other metropolitan areas in the United States where vacancy r...
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HUD Files Against Facebook

Blog Post HUD Files Against Facebook
Friday morning Housing and Urban Development (HUD) filed a formal complaint under the Fair Housing Act against Facebook. The claim alleges Facebook to use its advertising platform to engage in housing discrimination. These claims maintain that Facebook allows advertisers to contr...
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Increased Rents Create Parking Issues

Blog Post Increased Rents Create Parking Issues
In a million years, would you have ever thought that ascending rents would cause parking problems?  Well, it is, and not just in multi-family complexes either.  As Boise area rents have increased, many tenants have solicited roommates to help defray costs and many of th...
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Absolutely Reliable Prediction on Interest Rates

Blog Post Absolutely Reliable Prediction on Interest Rates
Jack Harty with Harty Mortgage Advisors frequently updates his clients with wit and humor.WARNING: Don't believe the Subject line above.  There is no reliable method for predicting interest rate movement beyond the next fiscal quarter.  While there are many methods ...
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CO and Smoke Detectors Do Expire

Blog Post CO and Smoke Detectors Do Expire
First Rate Property Management received the below email from the Deputy Chief - Fire Marshal of Meridian Fire.  Also, they provided the attached Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Log Sheet and Parking Lot Safety Tips.FRPM:  tests, replaces, and adds detectors as needed...
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Strong Rental Market

Blog Post Strong Rental Market
Below and attached is an article from the Mortgage Bankers Association who reports that the demand to rent is holding up to the rapid growth in supply across the nation. A 'Resilient' Multifamily MarketMichael Tucker mtucker@mba.orgJuly 26, 2018 The first half of 201...
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Is Your Money Safe?

Blog Post Is Your Money Safe?
Over the past few decades, there have been several property managers go out of business and the rumor is, when they did, they took and/or spent tenant deposits and rents.  As of recent, a number of Ada and Canyon County investors have filed claims against another local prope...
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Where Is It Going? The Rental Housing Market

Blog Post Where Is It Going? The Rental Housing Market
Below is an article in the July issue of the Residential Resource, written by Colleen Harding from Miami.  Within the article, Colleen describes factors that are making up today's housing rental market.  Much of what Colleen has to say is what we have reported in th...
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