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Rental Analysis Tool

One of the new features on our website is a Rental Analysis Tool, which can be used by potential FRPM clients as well as our current owners! After putting in some basic property information, you are emailed a packet of information about your property that includes rent ranges for similar properties in that area, a list of comparable rentals in the area, local vacancy data, and rental trends.

This new tool gathers data from public records, Zillow, MLS and any other public records it can search. Keep in mind that this is no substitution for a real-life, experienced property manager checking current market rates and providing their professional opinion based on their knowledge of your particular property. However, it does provide a good baseline and some insight into overall trends!

If you’d like to see your Rental Analysis, go to our Services page and enter your property address at the top of the page -

If you have questions about your analysis or would like to discuss any of your upcoming renewals, feel free to reach out! –