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Boise Idaho Four-Plex Market Update

Blog Post Boise Idaho Four-Plex Market Update
I collect the sales data on all four-plexes sold within Ada County. I then make some calculations to find certain market indicators. One of the easiest, is Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM).Currently the average GRM is 113 times the monthly gross rental income. If the gross monthly ren...
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Boise Hot-Spot Moves West

Blog Post Boise Hot-Spot Moves West
For as long as I can remember, I've always said that West Boise is a strong market, for both sales and rental properties. When I was a kid, the busiest intersection in all of Idaho was Fairview and Cole Road. In fact, as a kindergartner, I walked 3/4 of a mile every day to Co...
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Idaho, more than just potatoes

Blog Post Idaho, more than just potatoes
Below is a link to an article from CNN citing 10 locations within the world that we all should adventure. Location 4, is Idaho, just 6 spots before Outer Space. What a compliment to list Idaho amongst well known destinations like Bolivia, Mongolia, Bhutan, and and the Arctic Circ...
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Tenant Self Showings

Blog Post Tenant Self Showings
In today's world it would seem that everyone wants immediate access to just about everything. If we can access it via our phone or computer, better yet, right? In many ways, I have to agree that I'd prefer jumping on the web and doing my research and closing the deal. Doe...
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Virtual Office Not for Property Management

Blog Post Virtual Office Not for Property Management
We just placed a nice family in one of our single family rental homes and the reason they chose to move, is something we hear often. I think these tenants' reasons are valid and I hope you find this blog post objectively written and not a "Hey, look how great First Rate ...
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