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Why So Quiet

Why So Quiet

Why so quiet

I am behind in my blog entrees. Long time clients let us use their condo in Maui and I did very little work while we were there, so I have been working hard to catch up. I learned that people love videos and that these videos help get your blog passed on and read. So attached is a video of my 3 year old doing a flip into the pool while vacationing in Maui. He did a back flip as well, but we had to stop him from doing anymore as he darn near cut his head open. Yes, the kid goes 100 miles an hour, is tough as nails, and has incredible balance and coordination. If we can figure out a way to make him 6’5” when he gets older, he might make a great QB for Boise State.

Schools in, Rental Inquiry’s Slow

My kids are back in school, football has started, and I didn’t realize that it was that time of the year again until this week’s staff meeting and I reviewed the web and phone traffic and saw that inquiries were drastically down. This is a historical trend. So now our goal is to renew as many tenants as we can to limit turnovers and get through the fall and winter months. From here on out, the inquiry rate will continue to decline each month until about March.

Rent Increases

We are still proceeding with rent increases, as the rental market has improved. If the tenant complains, requests not to change or threatens to move because of the rent increase, we will contact you to discuss and give the owner the ultimate decision to increase the rent or stay put. If we identify a trend of tenants not accepting the rent increases, we’ll probably tone that down and just try to get through the winter.


Below is a graph of our vacancy. Overall, we’re doing very well. However, there are a number of properties that have been vacant for over a month. To me it simply identifies a property issue. When the company is filing properties at ease, but can’t fill one or two here and there, there is an issue. It can be a number of things; such as location, condition, price, etc. We work hard on identifying and correcting those issues. Price seems to always fix most negative issues. So this week we brought back an old incentive that works real well. We reduced the list price to a low amount and that is the rent we offer for the first 3 months. For example, the property is listed at $650 until the end of the end of the year and then come January the rent increases to market rent of $695. The low rent catches the tenant’s eye. First Rate Property Management emphasis how great this is as it saves them money for the holiday season. Then in January, the rent goes to market. Lastly, we only offer this incentive to those who sign a long term lease. It works very well. However, it does make bookwork a bit harder on us, which is why we don’t do it all the time.



First Rate Property Management’s search engine optimization and placement is very good. This helps us secure tenants. However, past this blog and website stuff, I am just not a social media person. I don’t have the time, I’m not that interested in sharing everything I do with the entire world, and I am not looking for old lost friends. However, I understand that social media creates more web presence and will improve our search engine placement, which will help us fill vacancies faster. So we are headed that way. Therefore, we recently created a Facebook page that you can now become a fan of. The more we continue to utilize Facebook and the more fans we acquire, the better our search engine optimization. So be sure to “like” us if you have a Facebook profile!

We also understand that the younger generation uses social media to communicate, so we probably need to improve on this so that we can communicate better with those who prefer social media. Believe me, it makes me feel old, but I just can’t grasp it like I do with all of the other technology.


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