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Where Did They All Come From?

Where Did They All Come From?

Below is a link to a recent Idaho Statesman article titled, "Living and working in Idaho: Where did you come from, where did you go?" I don't have a lot to comment as I think the graphic I chose to post on this blog says a lot. However, there is some interesting information in the article and more interesting graphics.

Confirming my concerns with the increasing rents, according to this article the two fastest growing industries are food service and retail. I always wanted to comment on why those industries seemed to be growing, but I had no idea why. To me it just seemed that there was a huge population of people where their favorite thing to make for dinner was a reservation. The explanation within the article makes sense, which is that the retirees are selling their tiny homes where they once lived and then move to Idaho and have more. These retirees have money to spend and eating out, retail, arts, and entertainment are services that they demand. I hope they tip well, because those service workers deserve it and need it to pay their rent.

I encourage you to read and learn more as it is interesting. Even the jabs about Californians. Not that it is right or wrong, but I found it amusing that the Californian jab has been heard all my life.

Living and working in Idaho: Where did you come from, where did you go?
by Zach Kyle, Idaho Statesman
May 11, 2015


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