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Seize the Opportunity

Seize the Opportunity

First Rate Property Management's Leasing Team Leader, Kristen Curtis, recently wrote an article called Seize the Opportunity, This article was published in the Oct/Nov issue of the Residential Resource.  The Residential Resource is a trade magazine for professional residential property managers.  In a nutshell, Kristen's article advocates good customer service.  When a property owner decides to sell, many property managers have a knee-jerk reaction.  As a policy, many just flat out give notice to terminate management.  They don't want to be involved with the showings, notices, appraisals, inspections, tenant complaints, and pushy realtors.  Other Property Managers continue to manage, but choose not to be real cooperative.  So Kristen did a great job relaying that us at First Rate Property Management view this as an opportunity.  It's an opportunity to help our current clients successfully sell.  It's an opportunity for us to showcase our services to potential buyers and their real estate agents.  It's an opportunity for us to retain the property and actually gain other properties. 

What her article doesn't say is that this scenario has become my niche.  When I am asked to list properties within First Rate Property Management's portfolio, the deal tends to go very smooth.  I already have good working relationships with the sellers, tenants, and the other parties involved in the deal.  I know the history of the property and all of the data that is commonly asked is at my fingertips.  I am grateful for the opportunity and it is something I truly enjoy.  And when one of our clients already has a relationship with another agent, I understand and that is why I am so grateful that the FRPM team shares Kristen's view about how our company will go above and beyond.  Dominic Nation with Property Maintenance Plus says it best, "We appreciate the opportunity to be part of the solution, not the problem". 


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