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Search Engine Optimization and How it Impacts Your Property Management Company

As technology continues to grow at an exponential and unprecedented rate businesses across the globe are thrown into unchartered territory attempting to navigate the implications and effects this growth will have on their business, brand, and reputation.

The platforms in which prospective clients will research when deciding to use your product or service are extensive. Your online presence cannot be avoided or ignored. It is everywhere. Blogs and social media give your business a great platform to share positive experiences to help build your brand while maintaining a positive reputation.

Why this is important for Property Management Company’s specifically?

Brand & reputation are two of the hardest things to develop and maintain especially for property management companies. We are the middle-men between capitalizing an owner’s investment and communicating effectively with our tenants, yet what demographic do our ads reach first? Tenants.

While it is our job to provide quality service to our clients, who are our investors, it is critical that we maintain positive relationships with our tenants and vendors as well. Their perception of our company is the number one way to increase our Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For owners, the improved SEO will attract greater traffic onto our website so prospective tenants can see which of our owners’ investments best fits their needs.

First Rate Property Management (FRPM) works hard to build SEO and positive reviews all over the World Wide Web. We go to great lengths to ensure we are advocating in the owners’ favor to capitalize on their investments, provide excellent customer service to our tenants and prospective tenants, and to develop and maintain positive relationships with our vendors.

If you get a chance, please take this time to improve our search engine optimization to help create an opportunity for excessive traffic onto our website to fill your vacancy rate! Click the link below to provide a positive Google review!

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Julie Tollifson, Leasing Team leader

 First Rate Property Management, Inc.

 Boise, Idaho

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