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Management Fees

Hiring a professional property management company with a proven track record like First Rate Property Management, is more economical than one can expect. What you'll pay your property manager will vary depending on what services you require, the type of property you own, and where your property is located. You may contact our President, MPMĀ® RMPĀ®, and with some basic information about your property, she should be able to provide you an estimate.

Discounts Available:

Many times our clients qualify for a discount in management fees.

  • Discounts to property owners with multiple rental properties within our management.
  • Discounts to properties located in close proximity to other rentals within our management.
  • Discounts apply based on the type of property.
  • Discounts may apply towards newer properties or remodeled properties, or properties that show there has been no deferred maintenance.
  • Discounts offered to property owners referred to First Rate Property Management from any sales agent specializing in Residential Income Properties.

If you are just beginning your search to identify and buy an investment property, please contact us first and we'll provide you a referral to one of our Preferred Agents. We work with many sales agents to help identify realistic market rents, expenses, and a realistic Net Operating Income so that you can forecast future cash flow - and you get a discount for doing so!

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