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What does the Government Shutdown Mean for Subsidized Housing

Julie Tollifson - Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The government shutdown is hit an all time record of one month. Many aspects of our nation have been negatively affected by the implications of the shut down.

What does this mean for subsidized housing programs? In December & January, the contracts of 1,150 Section 8 units expired, putting residents at risk of losing their home. Local experts worry this could be tragic if there are no alternatives. While housing authorities are coming up with contingency plans, there is concern there is no end in sight.

Should the government remain shut down for a month, BCACHA is working diligently to implement contingency plans. Planning for the worst, but hoping for the best. Professionals believe their plan will maintain subsidized housing program assistance through the end of February.

Much of the funding for BCACHA comes from the federal government. The shutdown has the potential to impact Public Housing & Housing Choice Voucher (AKA Section 8) used to assist low-income families pay portions of rent.

BCACHA Executive Director DeAnna Watson reported they spend $1 million in rental assistance every month. If this shutdown continues, BCACHA will struggle to fund the month of March in rental assistance. This will affect more than 2,800 households.